iTunes Radio no convence

And if I’m paying for this with iTunes Match, why am I limited to a only 8 skips per station? Apple should let people skip as much as they want so more music is played and, by extension, bought. I can’t scrub through a track, which is also annoying. Apple has basically modernized the traditional concept of radio, but services like Spotify and Rdio are already catering to what people want when listening to music: complete control. iTunes Radio offers hardly any, and the only advantage it has over Pandora is iOS-level integration.

En España todavía no podemos usar iTunes Radio. Yo tenía muchas esperanzas en ella como alternativa a Spotify y Rdio, pero las opiniones que estoy leyendo son de cierta decepción.

Que incluso si eres suscriptor de iTunes Match no puedas hacer más de 8 skips en una emisora es, cuando menos, frustrante, no?