Los problemas de Mail.app con Gmail en Mavericks

Unfortunately, if you hide the All Mail label from Mail in Mavericks, then any messages you move from your Inbox (by filing or deleting) magically reappear there later — after you switch to another mailbox and switch back, or close and reopen Mail. That will, of course, drive anyone to distraction. I reported this to Apple as a bug, and it was marked as a duplicate, which means only that I wasn’t the first person to report it, not necessarily that Apple is planning to fix it. The only way to “solve” this problem is to reenable All Mail (which, by the way, affects all IMAP clients, not just Mail). Which I’ll now tell you how to do, but don’t do it until you read about the consequences.

Mail en Mavericks ahora introduce cambios en el modo que trata las cuentas de Gmail. TidBITS cuenta cuales son estos cambios, los problemas que acarrean y como solucionarlos temporalmente. Básicamente tiene que ver con el buzón All Mail de Gmail y los mensajes duplicados.